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John F Kennedy’s Presidency 3
By Jonathan Pinet

  1. 26 September, 1960

    First Presidential Debate on TV in the US

    "John F Kennery and Richard Nixon take part in the first-ever televised presidential debate in history. As a relative unknown senator, Kennedy wins the debate with his youth and charm, and ushers the era of media and public image in modern democracies."

  2. 8 November, 1960

    John F Kennedy wins the US presidential election

    "John F. Kennedy is elected the 35th President of the United States, against incumbent Vice-President Richard Nixon. While only having a margin of 112,827 votes, or 0.17%, Kennedy win 303 to 219 in the Electoral College."

  3. 20 January, 1961

    Inaugural Presidential Address

    "Kennedy is sworn into the Presidency and addresses the nation through a speech that marked spirits and encouraged Americans to serve their country: “Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country”."

  4. 1 March, 1961

    Creation of the Peace Corps

    "By executive order, Kennedy establishes the Peace Corps – a new “army” made up of civilians, volunteering their time and skills to assist underdeveloped nations."

  5. 17 April, 1961

    The failed attempt of the Bay of Pigs

    "A CIA-sponso red military action, trained in Guatemala, tries to invade Cuba in the “Bay of Pig”, in order to overthrow the communist regime. The failure of this attempt became a significant embarrassment for the the new US administration."

  6. 12 September, 1962

    The Moon Speech

    "“We choose to go to the moon”, announces Kennedy at Rice Stadium in Texas, as the US want to catch up with USSR in the “space race”."

  7. 16 October, 1962

    The Cuban Missile Crisis

    "In response to the Bay of Pig assault, Soviet leaders agrees to Cuba’s request to place nuclear missiles on the island. Kennedy is shown photos of the sites and consults with his administration for two weeks. This event was the closest ever to bringing the world to nuclear war."

  8. 11 June, 1963

    The Civil Rights address

    "In an address to the nation, Kennedy discusses the economic, educational and moral aspects of racial discrimination and proposes the enactment of a civil rights legislation, that will be voted a year later."

  9. 22 November, 1963

    Kennedy is assassinated

    "While riding a presidential motorcade in Dallas, Kennedy is assassina ted by former US marine Lee Harvey Oswald. His Vice-President Lyndon Johnson is sworn in to automatically replace him."

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