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The extinction of the Dodo Bird 3

  1. 8 millions years ago

    Mauritius island emerged

    "The volcanic island Mauritius, east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, first rose above the waves."

  2. In the last 8 millions years

    Dodo birds have landed and evolved

    "Dodo Bird’s pigeon ancestors landed on Mauritius Island, they gradually evolved to turkey-like size, and at the same time lost their ability to fly, and became Secondarily flightlessness birds. They had no natural predators on the island."

  3. 1598

    Encounter humanity

    "Portuguese sailors landed on the shores of the island and discovered a previously unknown species of bird. The dodo greeted the new visitors with a child-like innocence and the sailors mistook this as stupidity. They called the bird “dodo”, meaning “simpleton” in Portuguese."

  4. Since 1598

    The Dodo population is threaten

    "The Dodo were killed for food by humans, but their population was also threaten by other animals brought with them in the ship. Sailors dogs were hunting and killing Dodos with no efforts, and the rats were eating the Dodo’s eggs."

  5. 1651

    One egg, one life

    "François Cauche, a french explorer, was describing the dodos reproductive system and stating that a dodo bird lays only one egg in their lifetime, which is another factors why they are gone extinct."

  6. 1662


    "Volkert Evertsz, the shipwrecked mariner of the Dutch ship Arnhem, has described dodo birds caught on a small islet off Mauritius. It was the last time human would see Dodo Birds. According to statistics, the whole species has disappeared from earth in 1693."

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