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Innovations from the 1st Industrial Revolution 5
By Jonathan Pinet

  1. 1712

    Invention of the steam engine

    "Invented by Thomas Newcomen, the steam engine was a key technology that replaced water power during the industrial revolution. It allowed factories to flourish in any location, not limited to proximity to water."

  2. 1764

    Invention of the Spinning Jenny

    "Invented by James Hargeaves, the spinning Jenny was another key technology that increased workers’ productivity in producing textile."

  3. 1769

    Revision of the steam engine

    "James Watt patented a series of critical improvements to the steam engine, including a condenser that significantly improved efficiency of the engine."

  4. 1804

    First steam locomotive

    "British inventor Richard Trevithick designed the first steam locomotive, which made its first journey in Wales."

  5. 1834

    Conception of the Analytical Engine

    "English mathematician Charles Babbage designs the analytical engine, a general-purpose computer, that led the way to modern computing ideas later in the 1940s."

  6. 1844

    Invention of the telegraph

    "Invented by Samuel Morse, who also created the code in his name, the telegraph had a profound impac t on the industrial revolution and long-distance communications, including how wars were conducted and how journalists covered stories."

  7. 1846

    Invention of the sewing machine

    "The invention of the sewing machine helped make textile a key driver of the industrial revolution. It also helped women sew clothes for their families more quickly and easily and freed their time for other activities."

  8. 1876

    Invention of the telephone

    "Alexander Graham Bell patented the first telephone, while the invention involved various contributors. The invention made communications faster and more efficient."

  9. 1879

    Invention of the bulb

    "Thomas Edison invented the lighting bulb, which extended the light into houses after darkness, and allowed societies to work longer."

  10. 1888

    First radio waves

    "Confirming Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism, Heinrich Rudolf Hertz experimented successfully with the transmission of electromagnetic waves, leading the way to the invention of radio."

  11. 1903

    First aerial flight

    "The Wright brothers are the first to successfully build and fly and airpl ane in North Carolina."

  12. 1908

    Ford and the Model T

    "Ford Motor Company manufactures the Model T, also known as the “Tin Lizzie”, the first affordable automobile and opened travel to the middle-class American. This also ushered society into mass production and consumption."

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