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Napoleon’s lifetime 3
By Peter

  1. 15 August, 1769


    "Napoleon was born in Ajaccio, the capital of the French island Corsica, which has just become a French territory"

  2. 28 October, 1785


    "Napoleon graduates from Ecole Militaire with the rank of second lieutenant in the artillery"

  3. 2 October, 1795

    Napoleon is promoted

    "Napoleon puts down a royalist rising during the 13 Vendémiaire and is promoted as Commander of the Interior"

  4. 2 March, 1796

    Napoleon is given command of the French army in Italy

    "Napoleon is given command of the French army in Italy. During the next two years, he will win several battles in the campaign against Austria, including the battles of Lodi, Arcole and Rivoli"

  5. 9 November, 1799

    Coup of Brumair

    "After a failure in Egypt, Napoleon returns to Paris and overthrows the Directory during the Coup of Brumaire"

  6. 12 December, 1799

    Election as a 1st Consul

    "Napoleon elected First Consul of the Consulate"

  7. 1 May, 1802

    Educational reform

    "Napoleon restructures French educational and administrative system and crates the Legion d’Honneur, an honorific French distinction"

  8. 3 May, 1803

    Sale of Louisiana

    "Napoleon sells the Louisiana territory to the U.S.A"

  9. 21 March, 1804

    Civil code

    "Introduction of the Civil Code (also known as Napoleon Code)"

  10. 2 December, 1804

    The emperor

    "Napoleon crowns himself Emperor, in the company of the Pope."

  11. 2 December, 1805

    Battle of Austerlitz

    "Napoleon wins the battle of Austerlitz against Russia and the Holy Roman empire, leading to the disappearing of the Holy Roman empire. The battle is often cited as a tactical masterpiece"

  12. 14 October, 1806

    Battle of Jena

    "Napoleon wins the battle of Jena against Prussia and Saxony, despite twice as less troops, leading to Prussia becoming a subjugated state of France"

  13. 14 June, 1807

    Battle of Friedland

    "Napoleon wins the battle of Friedland against Russia, leading to the peace treaty of Tilsit signed between France and Russia"

  14. 6 July, 1809

    Battle of Wagram

    "Napoleon wins the battle of Wagram against Austria which led to the breakup of the Fifth Coalition, the Austrian and British-led alliance against France"

  15. 1 April, 1810

    Wedding with Marie Louise of Austria


  16. 20 March, 1811

    Birth of Napoleon son

    "Napoleon’s son born, referred to as the “King of Rome”"

  17. 14 September, 1812

    Moscow invaded

    "Napoleon invades Moscow to find the city evacuated and set on fire. 690,000 soldiers were originally part of the Grande Armee that marched over Russia"

  18. 29 November, 1812

    Berezina defeat

    "Napoleon loses the battle of Berezina, leaving a dying Grande Armee, deprived of food supplies, in the Russian winter. Only 93,000 French soliders will return home from Russia"

  19. 11 April, 1814

    Treaty of Fontaineableau

    "Faced with more than half million troops of the sixth coallition advancing through Europe towards Paris, and after losing the battle of Paris, Napoleon is forced to abdicate and accept to exile in Elba"

  20. 20 February, 1815

    The 100 days

    "Napoleons escapes from Elba and returns to Paris to take back the power"

  21. 18 June, 1815

    Battle of Waterloo

    "Napoleon loses the battle of Waterloo against UK, Netherlands, Prussia and other smaller states, leading to the restoration of Louis XVIII and its exile to Saint Helena"

  22. 5 May, 1821


    "Napoleon dies in Saint Helena"

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