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Key Competitions that shaped today’s sailing 1
By Tom Rivals

  1. 1853

    America’s Cup Creation

    "The America’s Cup is the oldest competition across all sports worldwide. In 1851, date of the creation, “America” won the cup against 15 British boats around the Isle of Wight. Today, the NYC Yatch Club is the latest winner of this prestigious race and will defend their title in Bermuda in 2017"

  2. 1900

    Sailing at the Olympics

    "France hosted the Olympics and was the first country to properly introduce Sailing as a sport with the 10-20 ton category. As the most popular sporting worldwide, Olympics through the years, helped develop the popularity of inshore racing. UK and USA stay historically the most awarded nations"

  3. 1925

    Fastnet Race

    "The race was founded by the Royal Ocean Racing Club and has been key to grow the popularity of this sport by mixing professionals and amateurs. The race has been key as well to fast track the safety on board for offshore racing after the tragedy experienced in 1979"

  4. 1973

    Volvo Ocean Race

    "The Volvo Ocean Race (formerly the Whitbread Round the World Race) is a yacht race around the world, held every three years. This race has been a flagship for international sponsors, and the most renowed crews worldwide."

  5. 1989

    Vendee Globe

    "Philippe Jeantot decided around a dinner in South Africa to create a brand new race around the world and single-handed. The race is now considered as a reference in ocean racing and just ended for its 2016/2017 edition with Armel Le Cleac’h as the winner."

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