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Key events in the history of London 1
By Amy Simons

  1. AD 43

    Romans establish Londonium

    "Romans establish settlement in a strategic location on the River Thames, with access to water and Europe."

  2. 1066

    Tower of London

    "The Tower of London is built and becomes the first stone castle in England – this was a place to hold and punish criminals."

  3. 1216

    First Baron’s War

    "During the First Baron’s War, London was the theater of the rivalry between Prince Louis of France and King John. As Louis withdrew from England, London was central in the development of English, cutting off ties with the French culture."

  4. 14th century

    Black Death

    "Half of London’s population perished during the Black Death, which transformed the city in number of inhabitants and mindsets: Londoner adopted religion with renewed fervour."

  5. 1530

    Henry VIII reformation

    "The reformation of the Church had a significant on London, as properties changed hands from the religious to the private, inc luding St James leper hospital that became St James’ Palace for the King."

  6. 1605

    Guy Fawkes tries to blow the parliament

    "As part of the conflict between protestants and catholics, Guy Fawkes attempts to blow the parliament with barrels of explosives, only to be stopped and arrested before."

  7. 1666

    Great fire of London

    "The first destroyed nearly 70% of the city’s buildings, including the original St Paul’s cathedral."

  8. 1863

    London underground

    "Distinguishable feature of the city, the underground in London was built in 1863."

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