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Climbing the Yosemite 6
By Brice Antoine

  1. 1869

    First Ascent of Cathedral Peak

    "John Muir is the first pioneer to succed the ascent of Cathedral Peak. “This I may say is the first time I have been at church in California.”"

  2. 1875

    First ascent of Half Dome

    "George Anderson, who used to work on the construction of a road in the Yosemite Park, turned his construction, a hammer and a drill, into a climbing system. With the help of eyebolts pounded in small holes in the rock, he achieved the first aided ascent of the Yosemite climbing history."

  3. 1933

    The birth of camp 4

    "Camp 4, a former Indian campsite, has been invested by Yosemite climbers. Often threatened of dismantlement by local authorities, Climbers have fought many times to keep this hallowed place."

  4. 1946

    John Salathé’s pitons

    "John Salathe invents crome steel pitons which, with their improved resistance, unlock the way to the hardest and longest climbs. "

  5. 1957

    First ascent of Half Dome northwest’s face

    "Royal Robin is the first to succeed the northwest’s face of Half Dome, setting new standards and starting years of rivalry with Harding."

  6. 1958

    Warren Harding replicates with The Nose

    "A year later, Harding replicates by climbing the south face of El Capitan, The Nose, after eleven days of ascent, the longest time spent on a wall at the time."

  7. 1961

    Salathé Wall and North America wall

    "Robbin, Frost and Pratt ascend the soutwest face of el Cap in six days, the Sallathe Wall, without fixed ropes, setting once again new standards for the climbing community. They take a definite lead over Harding when they ascend, in 1964, the North America Wall"

  8. 1975

    The Nose in a day

    "Billy Westbay, Jim Bridwell, and John Long managed the first one day ascent of The Nose, with little material and a lot of free climbing"

  9. 1978

    Midnight lighting

    "High on LSD, Yablonski hallucinated a route that later became the world’s most famous bouldering problem, first ascended by Ron Kauke. Today still, climbers are queuing to get a try at Midnight Lighting."

  10. 1986

    Half dome and El Cap in a day

    "At a time where free climbing is being increasingly used for long ascents, climbing duration get dramatically reduced. In 1986, Croft and Bachar hiked Half Dome and El Cap in a single day."

  11. 1988

    Free soloing the Salathé

    "After repeating the moves for thirty days, Piana and Skinner made the first free solo ascent of the Sallathé, paving the way to a lot of free soloists to come in the Yosemite. "

  12. 1993

    Free soloing the Nose

    "3 years later, after walking away from International competitions, Lynn Hill frees the Nose. This ascent is still a reference for women climbing, but also for the whole climbing world."

  13. 2012

    Honnold and Half Dome, El Cap and Watkins in a day

    "Honnold, considered today as the best soloist in the world, set a new sensational record by soloing Half Dome, El Cap and Watkins in a day."

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