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Events Leading Up To Confederation 0
By David Vukelich

  1. 01/01/1000


    "In 1840 the old idea of mercantilism, which had always been good for colonial Canada and was still strong at the time. The economic relationship between the colonies and Britain gave the colonies a significant advantage, so most people wanted to remain under the British rule. Raw"

  2. 01/01/1791

    Annexation of 1791

    "to take over a territory and add it to the territory of another county the confederation needed a country to even be a thing, so when the colony of Canada started in 1791 and only grew to become what is now known as Canada. After the confederation, Canada needed to expand its te"

  3. 04/12/1837

    Rebellions of 1837/1838

    "The rebellion of 1837 was two uprisings in upper and lower Canada. They happened from Dec 7th, 1837 to Dec 4th, 1838. The government in upper and lower Canada was created so that a one council would have more power than the one elected by the people. This basically made Canada an"

  4. 01/01/1846

    Corn Laws

    "laws that protected architecture in the British empire by limiting the import of grain from other countries. In 1846, the British government repealed the corn laws, which were apart of the navigation acts and gave preferential treatment to British colonies. When the corn laws we"

  5. 01/01/1849

    Rebellion Losses Bill

    "This bill was to affect all the people who lost property or money in the rebellion of 1837 between lower and upper Canada. It is a bill that states that citizens tax money will be given to those who lost property even if part of the rebellion. This bill was instated in 1849, over"

  6. 01/01/1850

    Economic Depression of 1850

    "a period of low economic activity marked by high unemployment. It started at the end of the corn laws, and the ripple affect ended up being the economic depression, even though there were still exports being produced but the product development went down, less and less factories "

  7. 01/01/1854

    Canadian-American Reciprocity Treaty

    "This treaty was a treaty to make the trade of raw materials free between the British colonies, and the US. This was made so that there were no custom tariffs between the British colonies and the US. This boost the Canadian economy because no longer would they have to trade with t"

  8. 12/04/1861

    Canada’s and The American Civil War

    "Canada was in a tight spot during the American civil war. Canada consisting of Colonies and not yet being a true nation couldn’t really do a lot in the American civil war. The Canadian colonies were officially neutral in the matter but despite this, tensions were still high betwe"

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