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Viking raids to British Isles 8
By Jean-Benoit Malzac

  1. 6 January, 793

    The first English monastery to be raided

    "On the island of Lindisfarne, off the north-east coast of Northumbria. the raiders killed the resident monks or threw them into the sea to drown or carried them away as slaves—along with some of the church treasures."

  2. 794

    Second attack

    "A small Viking fleet attacked a rich monastery at Jarrow. They find a stronger resistance than expected and are killed, trying to escape."

  3. 840

    35 Viking ships had landed in Somerset

    "King Æthelwulf of Wessex was defeated at Carhampton."

  4. 865

    Death of legendary Viking chief Ragnar Lodbrok

    "He fell into the hands of King Ælla of Northumbria who had Ragnar thrown into a snake pit."

  5. 1865 (later that year)

    The Great Heathen Army

    "It is said that Ragnar’s enraged sons, taking advantage of political instability in England landed in the Kingdom of Anglia with the so-called Great Heathen Army"

  6. 867

    York Battle

    "The Great Army went north and captured York, but Ælla, together with support from the other English kingdoms, attempted to retake the city. He was unsuccessful; the annals for the year says that Ælla was killed during the battle, but according to legend he was captured by the Vikings, who executed him as punishment for Ragnar’s murder"

  7. 878

    Battle of Edington

    "King Alfred of Wessex defeated Guthrum’s army.. Despite the treaties, conflict continued on and off. However, Alfred and his successors eventually drove back the Viking frontier and retook York."

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