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Alpinism 1
By Aurelien Ferré

  1. 126

    Etna ascent, Sicily.

    "Emperor Adrien climbs Etna, Sicily. (3350 m-10 990 ft)"

  2. 1336

    Mont ventoux Ascent by Petrarque, France.

    "(1912 m-6272 ft)"

  3. 1492

    Mont Aiguille Ascent, France.

    "Charles VIII order to climb Mont Aiguille, which seems unreachable. (2085 m-6840 ft)"

  4. 8th August, 1786

    Mont Blanc ascent, France.

    "The doctor Michel-Gabriel Paccard and his guide Jacques Balmat climbed the Mont blanc. (4810 m-15780 ft) Beginning of the profession of guide and alpine tourism established by the English “gentry”."

  5. 1840

    Ice axe

    "Climbers used to use an alpenstock (2-meter poles) and an ax in order to cut steps and balance. The combination of both will give the first ice axe which was heavy ( 2 kg- 4,41lb)."

  6. 1843

    “Travel through the Alps and Savoy”

    "James David Forbes, scotish physician, published the first mountain review."

  7. 1857

    Creation of first Alpine Club, London.

    "A group of British mountaineers met at Ashley’s Hotel in London, Alpine club was born."

  8. 1864

    Edward Whymper

    "Edward Whymper, climber and British illustrator, climbs the Barre des Ecrins (4102m- 13458ft) and continues with the Matterhorn (4482m-14704ft). Afterwhat he went to explore America where he climbed the Chimborazo (6310m- 20702ft) and all the other great peaks."

  9. 1898

    Scotchs Moutaineering Club

    "After several climbs in Scotland, the kingdom of ice, where water and frozen peat offer a huge playground, the Scottish mountaineering club was born. Crowberry Gully in Glencoe and Tower Ridge in Ben Nevis have just been climbed. The Scots are launching the winter ascents."

  10. 1904

    Rope and summit

    "End of a debate on safety and the rope. The first strings (hemp) were so rigid that in case of a fall they caused traumas. They were considered dangerous. Harnesses do not exist yet, mountaineers wrapped the rope around the bust. From 1904 onwards, rope could save life."

  11. 1912

    Crampons and Ice axe.

    "In 1912 a crampon contest is organized on the glacier de la Brenva. The techniques evolve, short ice axes and modern crampons appear. By the way, Trotsky will be murdered by an ice axe of Simond brand in 1940."

  12. 1924

    Everest and Ice screw.

    "At the same time, a new ice anchoring system is being used by Fritz Riegele: the ice screw."

  13. 1938

    Eiger, North face.

    "After several dramatics attempt, Eiger’s North face is ascent by a Germanic team.(3970 m- 13 020 ft)"

  14. 1953


    "Edmund H ilary and Tenzing Norkay reached Everest summit.(8848 m- 29 030 ft)"

  15. 1959


    "René Desmaison made a new kind of harness with a shorts."

  16. Nowadays

    Higher, Faster, Lighter.

    "Also known as the Swiss machine Ueli steck climbed alone north face to Eiger in 2h22min. A fatal fall in a Nuptse face won. In the same spirit, Kilian Jornet reached two times in the same week the summit of Everest, without oxygen supply, alone."

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