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Naruto 6
By Yves-alain Agbodjogbe

  1. 3 March, 2000

    Naruto appears

    "First chapter of naruto is publisher in the weekly shonen jump."

  2. 3 October, 2002

    Naruto appears on TV screens

    "Naruto is translated to an anime. TV Tokyo is the first channel to broadcast naruto on screens."

  3. 2 January, 2006

    First broadcast of Naruto in France

    "The first channel to broadcast Naruto is Game one."

  4. 15 February, 2007

    Naruto Shippuden

    "First broadcast of naruto shippuden on TV tokyo. The season next to Naruto which takes place 3 years before Naruto."

  5. 2 March, 2009

    The beginning of a great success

    "When the 36th volume come out, Naruto was already passed for more than 71 millions of books in Japan."

  6. 4 February, 2015

    End of Naruto

    "The last chapter of naruto was publish on the 04 february 2015 in Japan with the title “Uzu maki Naruto”."

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