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History of Facebook 2
By Amy Simons

  1. February, 2004


    "Mark Zuckerberg, a computer science student at Harvard University, launches “The Facebook” at his campus. Within 24 hours, 1,200 students have signed up."

  2. March, 2004

    Expansion to other colleges

    "A month later, Zuckerberg and his team open access to the website to other colleges and universities in the US – you needed an institutional email to enter the Facebook party."

  3. September, 2004

    Lawsuit from the Winklevoss twins

    "The Winklevoss twins begin a lawsuit against Zuckerberg, on the ground that he stole their idea for the social network."

  4. September, 2006

    Open access to the public

    "Anyone over 13 can now join Facebook. Yahoo and Google express interest in acquiring the growing social network, but Zuckerberg declines."

  5. March, 2008

    Arrival of Sheryl Sandberg

    "Facebook hires Sheryl Sandberg as Chief Operating Officer, after a successful career at Google and the Fed."

  6. September, 2009

    The Like

    "Facebook introduces the Like, allowing people to endorse their friends’ posts."

  7. May, 2012

    Initial Public Offering

    "With a peak market capitalization at $104bn, Facebook’s IPO was one of the largest in internet history."

  8. September, 2012

    Acquisition of Instragram

    "Facebook acquires Instagram, a photo-sharing network, for $1bn."

  9. October, 2012

    1 billion users

    "Facebook reaches 1 billion active users in the world."

  10. February, 2014

    Acquisition of WhatsApp

    "Facebook acquires WhatsApp, an instant messaging application, for $19 billion. WhatsApp had only 50 employees at the time."

  11. November, 2016

    Fake news controversy

    "As Donald Trump wins the election, Facebook gets in the midst of strong criticism for lacking to tackle fake news on its platform, and the adjacent revenue the company got from them."

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