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Life of Winston Churchill 4
By Jonathan Pinet

  1. 30 November, 1874


    "Winston Churchill was born in Blenheim Palace and is the son of Lord Randolph Churchill, a politician, and Jennie Jerome, an American socialite."

  2. 24 Jannuary, 1895

    His father dies

    "At age 45, Lord Randolph Churchill dies. While Winston did not have a close relationship with him, this worries him that he will die young too. He endeavors then to do as much as he can with his life."

  3. 1st October, 1900

    Election to the House of Commons

    "Churchill wins the seat of Oldham in the general election. His stance on free-trade goes against local interests favoring protectionism. Throughout his political career, Churchill invariably addressed national questions over local ones."

  4. 12 September, 1908

    Marriage to Clementine Hozier

    "Churchill met his wife 4 years earlier at a ball given by the Earl of Crewe. They met again in 1908 at a dinner party and began romance."

  5. 9 Jannuary, 1916

    The Gallipoli disaster

    "During WWI, Winston Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty, champions a military intervention in Turkey, which results in a disaster. Among the political turmoil in Br itain, Churchill resigns."

  6. 6 November, 1924

    Appointment as Chancellor of the Exchequer

    "Churchill’s first budget in 1925 is remembered for returning the British pound to the gold standard, aiming to restore Britain’s position in the world’s financial system."

  7. 10 May, 1940

    Appointment as Prime Minister

    "Going against British mainstream political views, Churchill had been making noise in Parliament about the threat of Hitler before WWII. When the war burst out, Prime Minister Chamberlain resigned, and Churchill succeeded him."

  8. 11 February, 1945

    Yalta Conference

    "The Heads of State F. D. Roosevelt, W. Churchill and J. Stalin met at a conference in Yalta to discuss Europe’s postwar reorganization, in particular with regards to the administration of Germany and countries in eastern Europe."

  9. 5 November, 1945

    Loss of the general election

    "Despite his leadership during the war, Churchill lost the general election to Clement Atlee, in a context where social reforms offered by Atlee were favored by the British."

  10. 5 March, 1946

    The Iron Curtain speech

    "Addressing students in Missouri, Churchill declared that an “iron curtain” had fallen over Europe, referring to USSR’s ambition to spread communism in eastern Europe."

  11. 25 October, 1951

    Churchill becomes Prime Minister again

    "Defeating Atlee in the general election, Churchill regains leadership in Britain. His term was marked by the will to maintain the influence of the British Empire in a context where its military power was declining."

  12. 15 October, 1953

    Nobel Prize in Literature

    "Author of 40 books, Churchill is awarded the Nobel Prize for his entire body of work."

  13. 1955


    "As his health starts to decline, Churchill retires as Prime Minister."

  14. 24 Jannuary, 1965


    "After a stroke, Churchill dies at his home in London, at age 90. Attended by representatives from 112 countries, his funeral was the largest state funeral ever in world history."

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