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Marie Suize (Marie Pantalon) 2
By Océane Kummer

  1. 1823

    Marie Suize, Marie Pantalon

    "Marie Suize, born in Haute-Savoie in 1823 was a daughter of the people and a peasant woman."

  2. 1848

    American dream

    "She left for Le Havre and embarked on a sailboat to San Francisco to participate to the gold rush in California. At this time, this society was about boorish and macho men but she worked like any male and did not hesitate to brandish her revolver to defend her concessions. She had started dressing as a man when she first came to in San Francisco."

  3. 1850’s

    The lady wore pants

    "She was wearing pants, which was more convenient than a dress to scrape the earth, while California law prohibits women from wearing male clothes. This resulted by multiple trials but after the Jackson District Court, taking into consideration the work she is engaged in, gives her a permit that allows her to waive the law. Marie was the first woman in California to wear trousers."

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