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Battle of Verdun 3
By Raphael Pinet

  1. December 1915

    Plan of the offensive

    "Falkenhayn, leader of the German army, develops offensive plans on Verdun, to be led by the Kronprinz and the 5th army."

  2. 21 February, 1916

    Start of the offensive

    "1,200 artillery pieces bomb the French positions from 7am to 4pm on a front of 10 km, on the right-side of the Meuse. In an unprecedented attack, 90,000 German soldiers rush onto 30,000 French men."

  3. Capture of the Douaumont

    "Capture of the Douaumont fort without a fight, 10 km away from the citadel of Verdun. Joffre gives command of the Verdun front to Petain. Prepared before the battle day, the only route for army supplies links Verdun and Bar-le-Duc : it will be named “La Voie Sacrée” ."

  4. 26 February, 1916

    French hold position

    "Order of the day from Petain: “Furious attacks from the Kronprinz soldiers have been stopped everywhere. Soldiers, gunmen, sappers and aviators have been all heroic. Germans will surely attack again. May everyone work to obtain the same success as yesterday. We’ll get them!”"

  5. 1 May, 1916

    Nomination of General Nivelle

    "Petain, leading the GAC (Groupe d’armées du Centre), gives command to General Nivelle."

  6. 20 May, 1916

    Capture of Mort-Homme

    "Germans take over Mort-Homme, the cote 304 and the village Cumières, while the French, under command of General Mangin, fail in front of Douaumont."

  7. 7 June, 1916

    Capture of Fort de Vaux

    "Capture of the Fort de Vaux, after a heroic defense from the Major Raynal and his men."

  8. 22 June, 1916

    Attack on Fort de Souville

    "Intense preparation of the German artillery to shells with toxic gas. Germans attack Fort de Souville and the village of Fleury-devant-Douaumont. The French hold this last attack at a big cost."

  9. 1 July, 1916

    Battle of the Somme

    "Start of the French and British attack in the Somme. This vast operation relieves the pressure on the French army in Verdun."

  10. 29 August, 1916

    Replacement of Falkenhayn

    "Falkenhayn is replaced by Hinderburg and Ludendorff."

  11. 24 October, 1916

    French retake the fort of Douaumont

    "The French take back the village and the fort of Douaumont."

  12. 15 December, 1916

    French regain space

    "The French offensive allow to regain control of lost ground since the beginning of the German attack."

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