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Sailboats 2
By Aurélien Ferré

  1. 8000 BC

    First boats!

    "The first boats were built in the Neolithic period, from tree trunks hollowed out using stone tools (monoxyl canoe)."

  2. 6000 BC

    Ancestral migration

    "The appearance of sailing vessels made certain ancestral migratory flows possible, particularly in the Pacific Ocean."

  3. 5000 BC

    Egyptian boats

    "The first known representation of a boat with sails was found in Luxor on a funeral urn dating from 5000 BC. The sail was developed, first with a simple mat and a square sail. From the seventh century before JC the Greeks improved the boats by adding oars ."

  4. 9th century

    Viking conquest

    "In the Middle Ages, the Vikings created almost symmetrical boats in order to navigate in both directions. Provided with a flat bottom they need little depth and can run aground on a beach."

  5. 15th century

    Reach the New Orld

    "The ships had become larger, the Latin sails appeared to sail in the opposite winds, as they turn around the mast. The caravel created by the Portuguese is a good example. It is the period of the great maritime expeditions end of the 15th century and the XVIth (Christopher Colombus) ."

  6. 16th century

    Circum navigation

    "At the beginning of the sixteenth century, the expedition initially commissioned by the navigator and Portuguese explorer Fernand de Magellan, who died mid-way, and finished by Juan Sebastián Elcano, was the first in Europe to make the Earth tour. It will last 3 years."

  7. 1869

    Trade and exchange

    "Many different ships appear, as well as the first steel ships. The Clipper, designed for the import and export of perishable goods, was one of the last maneuverable merchant ships capable of reaching 9 knots (16.66 km / h)"

  8. Nowadays

    Flying boats

    "The aeronautical technologies are at the service of the boats, the sail is transformed into rigid wing, the foils allow to fly on the water and to reach speeds exceeding 40 knots; In 2016, Thomas coville completed the solo round the world in 49 days."

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