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Contemporan papacy 3
By Marie Malzac

  1. 1903

    Saint Pius X

    "Canonized in 1954, he opposed vigorosly modernist interpretations of catholicism, promoting traditional practices and orthodox theology."

  2. 1914

    Benedict XV

    "Born in Italy, he is rememberd as the “prophet of peace” for his interventions during World War I."

  3. 1922

    Pius XI

    "In 1929, he signed the Lateran Treaty, establishing the Vatican as a sovereign state. He also inaugurated the Vatican Radio in 1931and issued numerous Encyclicals (important papal documents) enlighting the risks of finance ans the importance of social justice."

  4. 1939

    Ven. Pius XII

    "As a pre-war critic of Nazism, he lobbied world leaders to avoid the war and mainted links with the german resistance, reiterating the opposition of the Church to racial persecution. Nevertheless, his role during World War II is still controversial, with allegations of public silence about the fate of the Jews. "

  5. 1958

    Saint John XXIII

    "Called the “Good Pope John”, he opened the Second Vatican Council, changing the relations between the catholic Church and the modern world. He was canonized by Pope Francis in 2014. "

  6. 1963

    Bl. Paul VI

    "First pope since 1809, he closed the Second Vatican Council in 1965. He implemented numerous reforms and worked for oecumenism with Eastern Churches. He issued the controversial encyclical Humanae Vitae, condemning artificial contraception."

  7. 26 August, 1978

    S.G John Paul I

    "The deputies declared themselves National Constituent Assembly in order to put an end to the absolute monarchy.The initiative does not please the king or his entourage. On July 12, Louis XVI vired his Comptroller General of Finance, Jacques Necker."

  8. September, 1978

    Saint John Paul II

    "As a Pole, he is the first no Italian pope to be elected in the contemporanean era, and one of the most travelled world leader in history. He supported the Second Vatican Council reforms and improved relationships with other confessions and religions."

  9. 2005

    Benedict XVI

    "Native of Germany, he is considered one of the greatest theologians of the XXth century. He is the first pope to resign in centuries."

  10. 2013


    "Born in Argentina, this Jesuit the first no European pope. Elected by cardinals to reform the Church, he is noticed in the whole world for the emphasis he puts on mercy."

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