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Evolution Of Office Space 1
By Taslima Khatun Rimi

  1. 01/01/1726

    Expanding level of exchange

    "The British Empire extending and participating in an expanding level of exchange with different pieces of the domain (and world), the main place of business was inherent 1726 in London and got known as The Old Admiralty Office. "

  2. 01/01/1800


    "Track lights, over-cushioned lounge chairs, and a cubed seating framework; these were only a few components from a common 1800 office. With a striving economy because of the twofold plunge downturn office elements changed, and another class of workers was conceived."

  3. 01/01/1900

    Mechanical advances

    "One of the new advances that rose with the appearance of the web was working from home, in spite of the fact that the innovation accessible during the 1900 restricted this all togeth. Overall, mechanical advances have just genuinely made the fantasy about working at home. "

  4. 01/01/1904

    Private workplaces

    "1904 American designer Frederick Taylor was fixated on productivity and oversight and is credited as one of the principal individuals to really plan an office space. Taylor swarmed laborers together in a totally open climate while managers looked on from private workplaces."

  5. 01/01/1950

    “Office scene”

    "The German “office scene” brought the communist estimations of 1950s Europe to the work environment: Management was not, at this point pampered in leader suites. "

  6. 01/01/1960

    one next to the other in work space

    "Neighborhood game plans may differ by work—one next to the other workstations for assistants or pinwheel courses of action for fashioners, to make talking simpler—however, the format remained unified. "

  7. 01/01/1968

    Work environment theory

    "1968 Bürolandschaft enlivened Herman Miller to make an item dependent on the new European work environment theory. The activity was the primary particular business furniture framework, with low dividers and adaptable work surfaces. "

  8. 01/01/1980

    The work area idea

    "1980 It’s the work area idea taken to the outrageous. As the positions of center administrators expand, another class of worker was made: excessively significant for a simple work area however excessively junior for a seat by the window. "

  9. 04/09/1998

    Arrival of tech companies

    "Many tech companies arrive at that time. Like , On September 4,1998 the google office was founded in Menlo Park, California with modern facilities. "

  10. 01/01/2000

    Internet based offices development

    "Many internet-based virtual offices established at this time. The virtual office had no close to homework areas; you snatched a PC toward the beginning of the day and mixed to guarantee a seat. "

  11. 23/01/2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic and the virtual office

    "On January, 2020 first covid-19 found in Wuhan, China. Then gradually this pandemic spread all over the Globe. Most off the country adapted lockdown and isolation. So, Most of the office shifts into a virtual office. People work from home in this virtual office. "

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