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La Santé Prison 2
By Delphine Petit

  1. 1861

    Openning of “Maison d’arrêt de la Santé”

    "Named after La Santé Hospital, which is the nearby hospital and has direct access to the prison."

  2. 1972

    Last executions in Paris

    "Roger Bontems and Claude Buffet are the two last sentenced to death in Paris. They are executed at La Santé prison."

  3. 1978

    A famous escape

    "Jacques Mesrine, François Besse and Carman Rives escape the prison."

  4. 2000


    "The inmates are not grouped by ethny or geographical origin anymore."

  5. 2014

    Closing the prison

    "The prison is partially closed for renovation. Only the center of semi-freedom remains open."

  6. 2019

    (estimated) reopening of the entire prison


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