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Poker 4
By Dmitri K.

  1. 1800s

    First recorded game of Poker

    "While there isn’t any one, specific date for that very first game of poker, there have been documented examples of card games, using 52-card decks, since 1377. Poker as we know it is thought to have originated with simple competitions, called ‘Lying Games’, that date back to early 1800s."

  2. 1850

    Draw Poker first mentioned in print

    "Henry George Bohn’s tome, ‘New Handbook of Games’, become the first book to mention draw poker in 1850, while the first book exclusively about the game Henry T. Winterblossom’s, ‘The Game of Draw Poker Mathematically Illustrated’, and Blackbridge’s ‘The Complete Card Player’ both published in 1875."

  3. 1875

    The first wild card

    "The wild card was introduced into the game of poker in 1875, enabling players to compete their hand with a pre-designed card-often a joker, or lower ranking card."

  4. 1900

    Lowball and Split-pot Poker are introduced

    "Further American development of poker included lowball and split poker, which came into being sometime at the run of the 19th and 20th century; while lowball inverts the normal ranking of hands, split-pot enable the jackpot to be divided between two or more players."

  5. 1925

    The introduction of community card poker games

    "The first games of community car poker, in which cards are dealt face-upwards and shared amongst players, appeared circa 1925."

  6. 1970

    First World Series of Poker

    "First World Series of Poker, which popularised modern tournament play in casinos, was founded in 1970, at a time when Las Vegas boasted fewer than 50 poker tables; approximately 30 players took part, in a space no bigger than a standard hotel room. The first ever WSOP was Johnny Moss."

  7. 1977

    First female bracelet winner

    "Jackie McDaniels was the first female player to win a Ladies Only tournament, back in 1977. Starla Brodie was the first female plater to win a mixed WSOP event bracelet in 1979."

  8. 1980s

    Poker joins popular culture

    "By the mid 1980s poker had started to appear in popular culture, having appeared in cult favourite series Star Trek: The Next Generation (1989-94) as a ‘meaningful part of the show’. Indeed, Wil Wheaton, the actor who played Wesley Crusher, would go on to become an impressive poker player in the ‘real world’."

  9. 1998

    First online Poker game

    "The first online poker game was played on January 1st 1989, on Planet Poker, the world’s first dedicated poker site."

  10. 1999

    Late Night Poker makes its British television debut

    "Late Night Poker, a show credited with popularising poker in Britain, made its debut on terrestrial Channel 4 in 1999."

  11. 2001

    The popularisation of televised poker

    "While poker has been televised since the late 1970s its popularity wasn’t fully established until the early 2000s. The World Poker Tour and WSOP began to film tournaments using bold graphic accompaniments and ‘pocket cam’ technology, allowing viewers to share the players’ perspectives."

  12. 2003

    The Manymaker effect

    "In 2003 Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP Main Event via a $39 online satellite. His win has been credited with the subsequent rapid growth of online poker, a move often described as the ‘Moneymaker Effect’."

  13. 2006

    First game of mobile Poker

    "The history of mobile casino gaming dates back to 2004, although the first real money poker apps weren’t released until 2006. Early pioneers utilised Java, while the games had limited features and graphics."

  14. 2006

    The biggest ever WSOP win at main event

    "Jamie Gold become the biggest ever winner (to date) at WSOP Main Event in 2006, scooping $12milion."

  15. 2010

    Popular phrases borrowed from poker

    "As well as proving a hugely popular pastime, poker has generated some of our culture’s most resounding phrases; all in, poker face, fold, up the ante, stacking the deck, when the chips go down, the hand you’ve been dealt, and wild card all originated with poker, yet are used far more widely today."

  16. 2012

    The biggest ever win at a WSOP event 55

    "Antonio Esfandiari became the biggest ever winner (to date) at The Big One For One Drop in 2012, as he claimed $18.4million"

  17. 2014

    Poker on the silver screen

    "Poker has become something of a mainstay of television and film, enabling audiences to follow the fast-paced word as part of a narrative. Popular poker films include Maverick, Rounders, The Grand, Shade, and 21, while Casino Royale features the game."

  18. Today

    Poker playing celebrities

    "The popularity of poker can be attributed, in part, to its popularity amongst celebrities, as well as the glamorous world occupied by professional players and its inherently exciting nature."

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