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Coffee of Colombia 4
By Déborah Malzac

  1. 1731

    First known apparition of coffee in Colombia

    "José Gumilia, a spanish jesuit priest, is the first person to talk about the presence and the culture of coffee in Colombia in his book: The Orinoco illustrated and defende."

  2. 1835

    The legend of colombian coffee

    "The priest Francisco Romero would have asked to his faithful to plant coffee trees as a repentance. According to the popular belief, it allowed the spread of this culture in Colombia. "

  3. 1850

    The beginning of exportation

    "Coffee of Colombia becomes a product of the international market. The national production massivly increased. By this time, USA becomes the first consumer of coffee in the world. "

  4. 1958

    Birth of an icon

    "Juan Valdez, a fictionnal coffee farmer, becomes an icon of Colombia and its coffee. The world counts today 238 Juan Valdez’s coffee shops."

  5. 2011

    An international recognition

    "UNESCO declared the “Coffee Cultural Landscape” of Colombia, a World Heritage site."

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