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History of Trampoline 4
By Fanelie Gigoux

  1. 1936


    "George Nissen was an American diver and gymnast when, after observing trapeze artistes performing tricks on the safety net, he constructed the first folding trampoline in his garage. He came up with the name trampoline by modifying the Spanish word “trampolin” for “springboard”"

  2. 1942

    Formalisation & commercialisation

    "In 1942, George Nissen and Griswold set up the Griswold-Nissen Trampoline & Tumbling Company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Griswold wrote the first textbook on the new sport, Trampoline Tumbling, which was used by the U.S. military, during World War II, to train pilots and astronauts."

  3. 1948

    Acceptance of Nissen’s trampolines in the US

    "1st National competition is USA, Trampolining is included as an event in gymnastics competitions by both the AAU and NCAA."

  4. 1957

    Expansion to Europe

    "Kurt Baechler flew to Cedar Rapids, signed for Nissen, and together with Frank LaDue worked out a basic introduction to trampolining. They took the sport to schools in Germany and Switzerland, and set up the Swiss Headquarters of the Nissen Trampoline Corp in Kurt’s home town of Gumligen."

  5. August, 1958

    Creation of the Nissen Cup

    "Kurt Baechler organized the Nissen-Eterna Cup, in Wassen, Switzerland. Although it was not a formal “national” competition, the Nissen-Eterna Cup provided the nearly 50 athletes who participated with the opportunity to compare their skills against those from other clubs. "

  6. 1959

    Expansion of multi-national competitions

    "The British National Trampoline Championships in 1959 opened the door for other countries to follow suit and host their own now-official national competitions. Soon, borders were crossed as neighboring countries staged multi-nation contests and challenges."

  7. 27 April, 1960

    First International Trampoline Competition

    " The first competition in which American trampolinists bounced against their European counterparts was held in Freiberg im Breigau, Germany."

  8. 21 March, 1964

    1st World Championships

    "End of 1963, George Nissen, Ted Blake, and Kurt Baechler knew that there was enough interest in the sport to justify a world championship. The Royal Albert Hall in London hosts the first World Championships organized by Ted Blake. Judy Wills and Dan Millmann (USA) are the first world champions."

  9. 22 March, 1964

    Creation of the FIT

    "The Fédération Internationale de Trampoline (FIT) is established in London (GBR). René Schaerer (SUI) is elected President."

  10. 1969

    1st European Championships

    "The first European Championships are held in Paris, organised by the Fédération française des sports au trampoline (FFST)."

  11. 1976

    New disciplines in World Championships

    "The first World Championships that included Double Mini-trampoline was held in Tulsa (USA) in 1976, while Tumbling first appeared at the World Championships in 1965 and then returned in 1976 as a FIT discipline."

  12. 1 Jannuary, 1999

    Trampoline enters International Federation of Gymnastics

    "Trampoline begins to consider the Olympic Games and thus makes a fundamental change. The FIT is dissolved and on January 1, 1999, Trampoline becomes a discipline of the FIG (Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique)"

  13. 2000

    1st Summer Olympic Game

    "As part of the agreement to merge FIT with FIG, individual trampolining was accepted into the Summer Olympic Games for 2000 (Sydney) as an additional gymnastic sport. Alexander Moskalenko and Irina Karavaeva (RUS) are the first Olympic Champions in Trampoline."

  14. 2010

    Death of George Nissen

    "George Nissen passed away in 2010 at the age of 96"

  15. 2014

    50th anniversary

    "50th anniversary "

  16. 2016

    2016 Summer Olympics

    "RIO 2016 - Winners Uladzislau HANCHAROU (BLR) & Rosannagh MACLENNAN (CAN)"

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